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Inigo Alcaniz

Inigo is also part of the new team established by the Langholm Initiative to oversee Tarras Valley Nature Reserve’s  digital media efforts, including the website and social media. Responsibilities include creating and curating shareable content; determining which platform is best suited for each piece of content; building and managing our social media profile and presence and analyzing the performance of our campaigns; maintaining brand consistency across platforms; assessing SEO configurations; monitoring analytics; managing the digital budget and ensuring data and privacy is handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Inigo is the UAV/Drones Operations Manager and he is in charge of UAV/Drone, Health and Safety, and data protection legislation. This includes updating the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve’s Operations Manual and applying for license requirements as required. Inigo represents the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve for all matters relating to UAV/Drone use like risk mitigation and endorsement, ensuring that all tasks are performed to the required standards, ensuring that the Tarras Valley remains compliant with the requirements of the UK CAA and procedures contained within CAP722 and the latest and current version of the Air Navigation Order and he is accountable to the CAA.

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