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Welcome to the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve

A story of hope, community and a powerful symbol of what can be achieved when we come together.

Following two epic community land-buy-outs, helped by thousands of people from all walks of life, against impossible odds, the community of Langholm now own 10,500 acres of the stunning Tarras Valley. We are now creating the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve which is one of the biggest projects of its kind in the UK for people, nature and climate.

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Tarras Valley Southern Scotland

Funds raised



Over 3.5K


43 km²

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Empowering and reconnecting people with land and nature through a community led approach.


Large scale ecosystem restoration, restoring degraded and lost habitats across the Tarras Valley.


Making a meaningful contribution to the climate and ecological emergencies.


Balancing people, planet and profit to ensure a rich legacy is created for future generations to benefit.

The Langholm Initiative

One of the most ambitious community plans of a generation

The Langholm Initiative are an award-winning community development trust for Eskdale and Liddesdale, based in Langholm. Our main purpose is to work alongside our local communities to make our area a better place to live, work and visit. We were established over 25 years ago to help support community regeneration following the economic difficulties which resulted from the decline in the traditional textile industry for which Langholm was famous. The land which now makes up the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve, has been the setting for nearly a decade of outdoor education projects run by the Langholm Initiative.

These projects have introduced a new, younger generation to the wonders of the wildlife that can be found on their doorstep. This work helped build the foundations for the creation of Tarras Valley Nature Reserve which will now build and expand upon this rich legacy.  

Community ownership of land is a chance to continue helping support wider regeneration efforts in Langholm with new nature-based economies. This is all about opening up new opportunities for people who live here and continuing to build upon historic work to strengthen connection with the land and nature. It is also our chance to make a tangible community-led contribution to the climate and ecological emergency.  

Since the landmark community buy-out of the Tarras Valley, a new team has been recruited to help develop the Nature Reserve alongside the community. The team are supported by the Langholm Initiative Board, a dedicated group of voluntary trustees from the local area.   

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