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Peatland Restoration

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Opportunity for Peatland Restoration: Tarras Valley Nature Reserve

The Tarras Valley Nature Reserve presents an exceptional opportunity for peatland restoration, and interested parties are encouraged to participate in the tender process now underway. Collaborating with the Crighton Carbon Centre and Scotland’s Peatland Action Programme, this restoration initiative aims to execute a comprehensive plan covering approximately 190 hectares of land. Central to this effort is the proposed ditch blocking, which spans an extensive 36 miles along Middlemoss Head, as illustrated in the accompanying map.

Contractors keen on contributing to this vital restoration project are invited to submit their tenders for review and consideration. The deadline for tender submissions is Wednesday, April 17th, 2024. It is anticipated that the restoration works will commence in September 2024, marking a significant step towards the ecological revitalization of the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve.

For further information and to access all pertinent details regarding the tender process, including contact information for the staff overseeing Peatland Action, interested parties are directed to visit the following link:


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